Crystalline Management is involved in the community

We are proud to be involved in our community and actively participate in Centraide's annual fundraising Campaign. Indeed, several members of Crystalline’s management team are major donors and encourage others to follow suit. "Community involvement, donating both in time and money, has always been entrenched at Crystalline. It reflects our core personal values developed even in childhood and built on as adults and professionals", adds Brad Semmelhaack.

Indeed, as an employer, we encourage our employees to join this collective effort and contribute to the Centraide’s Workplace Campaign. By contributing to the annual campaign, Crystalline’s commits to the well-being of our local community and community-based organizations. This year, due to the social impact of the health crisis, Centraide must respond to increasingly numerous and diversified needs. We would particularly like to highlight their generosity and their involvement, which makes all the difference!

About Centraide

Centraide is a philanthropic organization whose objective is to help a large network of community organizations through donations from local residents and businesses. Its mission is to mobilize the community and gather resources in order to contribute to the development of united communities and to improve the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations, in partnership with community organizations. Centraide also wishes to use its ability to unite and mobilize to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable individuals and communities.